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Happy Spring!

After six weeks of school performances and workshops in Oregon, California, and Washington, I am home in Ashland, working on new stories, promoting my storytelling programs, and doing a few upgrades to my website ... and enjoying springtime walks through the woods. Next week, I'll be spending time sharing stories along the Columbia River.

I recently took a trek to my ancestral village of Coyote's Paw along the Klamath River. It was a wonderful visit ... the landscape lush-green with spring, the creek, which dries up in the summer, flowing through the village, the long shadows turning the village magical at the end of the day. Here's info about the village: Coyote's Paw - Native Village.

In the spirit of Sharing Stories,



In Grants Pass, Oregon with Takelma elder Agnes Baker Pilgrim and author and musician Tish McFadden.

John Beeson
Imperfect Apostle – Advocate for Native Americans

Noted historian and author Jan Wright has spent over two decades researching John Beeson, Oregon's first civil rights activist in the 1800s. She is embarking on a year-long project to write an important book with vital messages for our troubled times. This is a phenomenal project, and I am behind it big time! Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated! Please donate here: Jan Wright's Kickstarter Campaign.