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After sauntering through the autumn and early winter countryside performing and teaching native stories, I am home in Ashland, working on projects, and doing local programs. For the past few weeks, I've been a bit of a hermit, holed up in my cozy lair. I've been busy writing new stories, editing and updating older ones, and adding them to my online Library. I venture out every so often to visit native sites, sauntering in the winter sunlight, clearing my mind, and then I burrow back into my world of words. When I head out on the road again, I'll be telling my favorite native stories along with some new ones.

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  • 2/14/2018: Sources – Native Archives is a new page in the Library. It contains complete texts of many of the sources I have used for my stories as print-friendly PDFs. Included are all 1500 pages of John Peabody Harrington's hand-written 1933 field notes on the Indians of southern Oregon.
  • 2/12/2018: Cultural Resources is a new page with descriptions of the free resources available on this website.
  • 2/3/2018: Coyote added a new riddle to Coyote's Riddling Talk. There are now seven of what he refers to as "his clever mind puzzles!"