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Where I'm At, What I'm Up To

I'm immersed in my fall storytelling season, sauntering through the colorful countryside, performing and teaching native stories.

Over the summer I developed and rehearsed new stories for my performances, fine-tuned my workshops, and began writing a new Doty and Coyote story set in the Applegate region of southern Oregon.

I'm currently at home in Ashland for the month of November, doing local programs and working on stories.

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Upcoming Public Programs

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12/14/2017 – Talent, OR

12/19/2017 – Talent, OR

1/23/2018 – Talent, OR

Coyote's Most Recent Riddle


Coyote says, "Here is an ancient name and a newbie nickname. The latter has a longer tail that hisses. One is what they call me in the Land of Burnt Out Fires where I am a mighty hero of mythological strength. The other, when muttered in the lesser tongue of new arrivals, is my wimpy almost-identical twin. Scholars smirk that together we are an unintended cross-cultural pun, but they don't know much. Who are we?"

Native Riddles ... and Answers!