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Accurate Information

I have collected in this archives a selection of works on the native people of my homeland of southern Oregon and northern California. I have gone back to these again and again as source material for stories I have written and performed, and I share them here in the hope that they are used by teachers and students, storytellers and historians, anyone interested in accessing accurate information on native cultures. I include my own writing in this Library with a similar hope that they get read and told and retold.

In addition to these sources, I have spent hours and hours listening to elders, and spending time in the places the stories come from. I have a trunk full of notebooks filled with notes as well as a large physical library with more books, documents, letters, newspapers, maps.... I have spent decades unearthing the best native resources available.

Jaime de Angulo

A writer I that cannot include here because his works are under copyright is Jaime de Angulo. His book Indian Tales (1953) is a brilliant weaving of native myth and culture. In his introduction to the first edition, Carl Carmer said it well: "Here is all the ingenuous wonder, the experienced wisdom, the rollicking humor of the Indian presented with a sureness and a clarity seldom if ever achieved." If you're up to being totally delighted, Indian Tales is available online, and in bookstores and libraries. I carry it with me always.

Print-Friendly PDFs

The works below are print-friendly PDF files. Some of them are large, so please be patient while they load. I will be adding to the archives as more digital texts become available.

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