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Here are current offerings from Thomas Doty. For a Site Map with links to all of the pages on, visit A Guide to This Website.


Performances: Dynamic and engaging, steeped in Native American oral traditions of the West, Old Time stories are woven with modern native stories to provide present-day insights into ancient cultures. From theatre settings to schools to conferences, performances can be presented as traditional storytellings, talks, keynotes, author visits or house concerts.

Workshops & Residencies: Thomas Doty teaches innovative, hands-on workshops, drawn from years of experience as a Master Teacher in the Arts in Education program. Doty teaches two levels of workshops for small groups: Basic Classes and Master Classes. They can be combined with performances to create a residency that lasts from a few days to several weeks.


Book & Audiobook: Doty Meets Coyote is a collection of 40 traditional and original native stories by Thomas Doty. A paperback book and eight-hour audiobook narrated by Doty is available from Blackstone Publishing.


Consulting: Thomas Doty is a skilled and creative consultant, with over three decades of experience. He has a deep knowledge of native culture that has been passed to him by the elders.

Native Story Tours: Thomas Doty is your guide to amazing Old Time native sites in his ancestral homeland of southern Oregon and northern California.