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Common Core State Standards

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"Having watched you perform in schools, I can attest to the value of your work with students. You excite and amaze and make learning a fascinating adventure. I've spent my career in education, have started and directed 3 schools, have a Ph.D. in education administration. I think your work is profoundly enriching and recommend you to all schools. I hope this alignment to state standards will help teachers advocate for your work in their classes."

Dr. Bea Davis, Educator, Portland, OR


Whether you are elated by the concepts of Common Core State Standards, or not too thrilled, the reality is that teachers in the vast majority of states need to deal with them. I created this web page to show how my storytelling programs, books and recordings align with the standards, and are relevant across content areas.

All of my programs -- performances, workshops, and residencies -- are based in Native American traditions. Stories mentioned here are from my people and our native neighbors in the Northwest. Some are Old Time stories passed through the oral tradition. Others are original stories that help us connect the ancient days to present days.

I hope you find this web page useful. Bit by bit, I am adding links to my writing, or passages in my writing, that illustrate particular concepts. A DMC page number following a link is for the same passage in the paperback edition of Doty Meets Coyote.

In the Spirit of Sharing Stories,

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