Thomas Doty – Storyteller

Scheduling & Staging

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Booking Storytelling Programs

  • When an agreement is reached, Doty will send you a confirmation e-mail with an invoice attached as a print-friendly PDF. This will include details of your agreement.
  • Pay Thomas Doty in person with a check, or online with a credit card or PayPal. Payment will be due on the day of Doty's program.

If you have a contract you would like Thomas Doty to sign, please include details you agreed on, ready for his signature. If you would like a signed digital copy, please send it via e-mail. If you would like a signed paper copy, send it to his P.O. Box.

Staging Requirements – Performances & Workshops

Here's what works for a smooth storytelling experience....

  • Host: Appoint a host to be in contact with Thomas Doty about scheduling and staging, to introduce Doty, and be present to monitor each program.
  • Physical Space: Provide a space free of distractions and disruptions. Thomas Doty requires a minimum 10' x 10' empty space to perform in, and 30 minutes to set-up and settle in. Workshops require open space to accommodate hands-on activities.
  • Microphone: Thomas Doty rarely uses a microphone. In those few instances when one is needed -- usually a large venue with over 500 seats, or outdoors -- provide a wireless lapel mic with an appropriate sound system. No headset mics, please.
  • Books & Audiobooks: If you have agreed to have Doty sell and sign books and audiobooks following the program, provide a table and chair for Doty's display.
  • Special Needs: Contact Thomas Doty in advance of program date to make arrangements to accommodate audience members with special needs.
  • Photos & Recordings: To maintain the integrity of the storytelling experience, refrain from taking photos and making video or audio recordings of Doty's programs unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • School Programs
    Educators, to ensure a wonderful experience for your students, it is essential that you follow the Staging Requirements listed above as well as the additional requirements that follow....
    • Group Size: This varies depending on grade levels and with various types of performances and workshops. Contact Thomas Doty for what will work best for your school as you put the schedule together.
    • Quiet Space: Silence cell phones, school bells, walkie-talkies, and intercoms. Please post "Do Not Enter" signs at all entrances, and let staff know not to disrupt the programs. Here is an 8½" x 11" sign you can use: Print-Friendly PDF.
    • Seating: For most school programs, please seat students on the floor, no aisle. In some spaces, chairs or theatre seating is fine. Please do not seat students on bleachers.
    • Bathroom & Water Breaks: Make sure students have bathroom and water breaks before coming to Doty's programs. Except in an emergency, students and staff are expected to remain seated for the duration of each program.
    • Discipline: Allow Doty to handle discipline issues that may arise during a performance or workshop. If he needs your assistance, he will ask.
    • Be Present: Teachers, be engaged audience members. Grading papers, messing with your phone, taking photos, chatting with colleagues, or walking through the program space during a performance or workshop creates a poor role model for your students. It's distracting and lowers the quality of the storytelling experience for everyone. Relax. Sit with your students. Enjoy the stories. Participate in activities. Doty will do the rest.

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