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The storyteller's words sizzle with depth. Layers of truth emerge as the story swells beyond sound to include a visual canvas of gestures and movements. Not only is the storyteller transformed, so are the listeners.

"One of the best of Oregon's storytellers!"

"A cultural treasure." – "A master of his art."

Thomas Doty has been performing and teaching native stories and storytelling for over 35 years. He spent a couple of decades as a master teacher in the Arts in Education program, where he was known for creating innovative, hands-on activities. Today, he continues discovering new ways to explore and communicate the depths of his art.

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Thomas Doty teaches two levels of workshops: Basic Classes and Master Classes. All classes offer vigorous and intensive experiences for participants. Topics range from introductory to advanced storytelling and performance skills to explorations of traditional native culture, including rock writings (carvings and paintings). Voice, movement, gestures, silence, sacred sharing, and more....

Workshops are great for actors in community and professional theatres, for storytellers, for K-12 students, for college and university students, for park rangers and public speakers ... for folks who wish to hone their skills and learn to connect deeply with their audience.

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Workshops and performances are combined to create residencies that last from a few days to several weeks. Thomas Doty has been Storyteller in Residence in communities throughout the West, including schools and universities, museums, and theatres.... For two decades, Thomas Doty was a Master Teacher in the Arts in Education program. Residencies include staff in-services where Doty teaches the teachers, and offers ideas for follow-up activities.

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There are no limits within the heart of the ancient tradition of storytelling. Contact Thomas Doty to discuss the possibilities!

Free Resources

There are resources on this website that complement and support Thomas Doty's performances and workshops.

In the Library, you can read stories and poems, listen to stories, read a play. There are also stories in Spanish, and a page that aligns Doty's stories to Common Core State Standards

There are additional resources in the Culture and Rocks sections of this website, including digital tours of village sites, topical essays on culture, an index of rock writing symbols, and more.... Enjoy!

"Thomas Doty is a rarity -- a scholar whose work does not smack of lampblack or the dust of archaeology, a poet who brings the power of aptly chosen words to every facet of life, a teacher whose skills delight the young and the old."

Robert Casebeer, Poet and Emeritus Professor, Department of English, Southern Oregon University

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