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"Tom's Native Story Tours are the most wonderful events that you can participate in -- ever! You experience the power and truth of the stories in their actual settings." —Mark Teeters, Medford, Oregon

"Thomas Doty does amazing tours! A truly memorable experience and one I treasure. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss. You will remember it for the rest of your life. Thomas is a master story-guide through this amazing landscape." —Melani Marx, Energy Alignment Master, Certified Life Coach, Teacher, Mentor and Writer

"Take this. It should be on your bucket list!" —Paul Martin, Grants Pass, Oregon

Journey Through Magical Worlds

Master storyteller Thomas Doty is your guide on Story Tours to ancient and historic sites in his ancestral homeland of southern Oregon and northern California. Bring your family and friends, and enjoy a storytelling adventure in some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet.

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Native Story Tours are Unique

  • Genuinely Native. Thomas Doty's tours are the real deal! He takes you to native places he frequently visits and keeps watch over. Both the places and the stories have been passed to him by his native ancestors, and elders in the Indian community.
  • Small Groups. Each tour is limited to a small group in a single vehicle. Not only does this minimize impact on sensitive native sites, it also ensures a personal, vibrant and meaningful experience for everyone. Thomas Doty emphasizes respect for Old time cultural homelands, and a light footfall. No pets, please. They are not allowed on trails or in caves within national monuments and parks.

Tours Leave from Ashland, Oregon

For all tours, bring water, snacks, sunscreen, and sturdy walking shoes. For the Klamath River Canyon tour, long trousers are advised.

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Rogue River Valley – Two Hours

Travel through the traditional homeland of the Takelmas to the Old Time village site of Ti'lomikh. The Rogue Valley is a rich tapestry of stories, history and culture of the "People of the River."

  • Indian / European Contact. On our way to the Takelma village site of Ti'lomikh, we follow the old stage road through the historic gold mining town of Jacksonville. Along the way, we visit the grave of John Beeson, Oregon first civil rights leader of the 1850s. Doty relates stories of early contact between Indians and Europeans, the resulting Rogue River War, and the tragic five Trails of Tears that followed.
  • Ancient Village Site. At an overlook along the Rogue River, with a stunning view of Ti'lomikh Falls, Doty shares stories of the Takelmas. The river is the lifeblood of the Great Animal that is the World. The Dragonfly Brothers establish Ti'lomikh as the home of the Sacred Salmon Ceremony. And Coyote is up to his usual antics!
  • Center of the World. We travel upriver to view the Table Rocks -- the center of the Takelma universe -- and the Rogue River War site of Fort Lane, before heading back to Ashland.
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Klamath River Canyon – Half Day

Take a walking tour of Thomas Doty's ancestral village of Coyote's Paw. This village was a crossroads of culture and history throughout its 7000 year history.

  • Along the Stage Road. After driving over the Siskiyou Mountains into northern California, we turn up the Klamath River at the 1870s Ager Stage Stop. We follow the old stage road, past the hot springs, and through the ruins of the once-popular spa town of Beswick.
  • Into the Canyon. Traveling the stage road means we're also following the old Indian Trail. Along the way are rock shelters, ancient fish dams, village sites....
  • Coyote's Paw. Thomas Doty shares stories of his ancestors, and gives us an in-depth walking tour of the village. There's the dance ring and cemetery, rock walls and cairns, house pits, the outline of a sweat lodge, Ghost Dance trees, the Rain Rock, a view of the Vision Quest Peak. After we take it all in, we head back downriver, and back to Ashland.
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Tule Lake Basin – Full Day

In the traditional homeland of the Modocs, experience stories the Rock People tell. Visit ancient rock carvings and paintings, in a dramatic and rugged landscape of lava caves and volcanoes, lakes and marshes, and 1870s Modoc War battlefields.

  • Over the Mountains. We follow the Applegate Trail over the Cascade Mountains, through vast wildlife refuges, and into the Tule Lake Basin of northern California.
  • Rock Writings. Thomas Doty interprets Old Time stories carved and painted on the rocks. We visit a rock painting that documents the supernova of 1054, another that tells the story of the sun and moon traveling underground, and an ancient painting and cairn that mark the summer solstice.
  • Home of the Creator. The Modoc creator makes his home at Koomookumpts' Bed. This ancient rock rising out of the desert basin is the heart of the Modoc world. We wander along the base of the cliff and experience a quarter-mile of rock carvings that tell the stories of this place. After a day of stories from the Rock People, we saunter back to Ashland.
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