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Doty & Coyote Stories

Dear Friends,

These stories, shared with my semi-mythic sidekick Coyote, send us sauntering through landscapes filled with Old Time traditions and characters from native myths. Our adventures dramatize a native world brimming with wisdom.

Narratives include traditional myths, folklore, history and other cultural traditions that might otherwise have been lost following the arrival of Europeans and the removal of native peoples from their homelands.

For me, this has been a decades-long process of research, talking with elders, and much mythological detective work ... piecing together once fragmented cultural materials in ways that make sense to the reader and respects the sacredness and authenticity of our native traditions. From Mythtime itself, storytellers have created new stories from time to time, adding them to the basket of folklore. My Doty & Coyote stories are my new native stories.


These stories have been commissioned by sponsors who care about preserving as well as perpetuating our native traditions. These stories are used by teachers, students and scholars, and they provide accurate sources for our native storytellers of the future.

Please contact me if you're interested in commissioning a story. They range from 3,000 to 5,000 words, and include drawings inspired by native rock carvings and paintings. I work closely with each sponsor to create a story that excites us both, set in a landscape that we both care about. Sponsorships include performances and readings that get our new story out into the wild and wonderful world.

In the Spirit of Sharing Stories,


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Doty & Coyote Stories – Excerpts & Drawings

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