Thomas Doty – Storyteller



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Creating an Online Archives

Thomas Doty's notebooks span several decades and include field notes, journals, manuscripts, letters and drawings. Whether listening to elders, visiting Old Time native sites or researching in museums and libraries, Doty was constantly scribbling what he had learned into his notebooks ... and he still does! Keep in mind that these are raw notes, and they are presented unedited, with an occasional notation in brackets for clarity. Comments in parenthesis are part of the original text. Digitizing and transcribing the notebooks to create this archives is a long-term project. Check back often for new entries!

  • Bernice Mitchell – Rock writings can be read. Includes a photo, and links to related pages.
  • Cove Creek Cave – A rock writing up Dead Indian Road, and a trek to an Old Time Takelma cave.
  • Dancing Counter-Clockwise – About Bear's dance, and a story of a Cow Creek Woman who teaches her people which way to dance. Includes links to related pages.
  • Deer Creek Cairns – A Takelma winter solstice and vision quest site in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Includes drawings, photos, and links to related pages.
  • Finding Both Chairs – Wading a chilly December Rogue River to find the storytelling chairs at Ti'lomikh. Includes links to related pages.
  • Hat Rock – Visits to a Columbia River rock writing site thirty years apart. Includes drawing and photos.
  • Naming of Boccard Point, The – One night in Cook's Tavern in Ashland, we scribble the first draft of a proposal to officially name Boccard Point after a departed friend. Includes a photo.
  • Silver Lake Dolmen – A summer solstice visit in 1987. Includes drawings and photos, and a letter to Roy Phillips.