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Coyote's Thoughts On Women

Coyote's Thoughts On WomenI am currently scribbling a story called, "At Camas Woman's Home." Here's a scene that got axed in the last round of edits. It amuses me that it makes Coyote squirm when I tell him as he is, so I thought I'd share it here all by itself. After all, that's what best friends are for, right?

* * * * *

Coyote and I listen to medicine women tell stories. Words fly round and round. Coyote looks perplexed as he tries to figure out who is speaking at any given time. During a break, he heaves a giant sigh and shares his thoughts.

Coyote: You know, that's just how they talk. Drives me nuts!

Me: Who?

Coyote: Women! They each have a piece of their puzzling banter. Then with everyone yapping at once, they put it all together into one big picture. It's like they can hear each other thinking. I can't keep up!

Me: Yup. I think you're onto something.

Coyote: You think they can hear our thoughts?

Me: They can certainly hear yours, Mister One Track Mind. Your amorous adventures have made you eternally infamous!

Coyote: Huh? Are you saying they can't hear yours?

Me: They probably can.

Coyote: So why can't I hear women's thoughts? Are you sure they're even thinking something?

Me: More than you want to know.

Coyote: You hear them?

Me: Sometimes. When I get out of my own thoughts.

Coyote: That's possible?

Me: You should try it. You'll learn a lot. But you might lose something important to you.

Coyote: What? I need that!

Me: Not that. You'll always have that.

Coyote: What then?

Me: Your big time ego.

Coyote: I need that, too!

Me: Right.

Coyote: I know I am.

As the medicine women resume their storytelling, Coyote curls up for a nap. He's happy to listen to stories about himself as he romps through his dreams. Maybe Coyote Woman will show up, he's thinking. And maybe she'll have that look in her eyes that says, "Let's play and not talk about it." Maybe, just maybe....