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"Thomas Doty is a cultural treasure. From the Black Hills of South Dakota, to the deserts of the Southwest, to the Oregon Country, he is the best spinner of native myths I have ever heard. And I've heard quite a few."

Dr. John M.H. Kelly, Skidegate Haida Elder, Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa

Traditional & Original Native Stories

In his performances, Thomas Doty accompanies his audiences on wondrous journeys into the world of native stories, landscapes and culture. Recipient of a Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from the national American Indian Program, he has been called "one of the best of Oregon's storytellers," "a cultural treasure," and "a master of his art."

Performances are available in diverse presentational styles, from dramatic tellings to talks to keynotes.

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Steeped in Native American oral traditions of the West, traditional stories are woven with original native stories to provide present-day insights into ancient cultures ... a dramatic bridge between the present time and the vibrant Old Time world of Doty's native ancestors.

Doty's performances are uniquely native. He uses ancient storytelling skills to share stories with modern audiences. Gestures have their origins in Indian sign language and rock writing symbols. Graceful movements emerge from primal dances and create a visual map of each story. Facial expressions mirror the moods of mythic masks. Distinctive voices of Animal People and Human People echo from the Old Time to now.

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Thomas Doty weaves a wide-range of topics into his performances, including the healing power of stories, native world view, stories the ancient rock carvings and paintings tell, Indian and European contact.... Each performance is honed to create the perfect presentation for audience, sponsor and venue. Thomas Doty blends his storytelling skills with decades of living his art, as well as constantly exploring, researching and writing about his native culture.

Performances are available for a variety of settings ... at schools, colleges and universities, theatres, community centers, art galleries, bookstores, museums and libraries, churches and spiritual centers, retirement homes and private homes, parks and monuments, refuges and retreats.


In a formal theatre or around a campfire, in a school gym or a conference hall, Thomas Doty's performances are dynamic and engaging ... and deeply rooted in native culture and homeland.

House Concerts

Thomas Doty shares traditional and original native stories in your home. Invite your family and friends, provide food and drink – or have a potluck! – and Doty does the rest. Enjoy a magical evening of storytelling in the intimate setting of your home.



"Thomas Doty is a treasured native storyteller. He has the very real talent to interweave an ancient story with endless wonder and surprise while connecting both the story and the characters with today. When he tells the story, he becomes the character described and the audience is transported to that moment and place."

Gary Albright, Director, Tillamook County Pioneer Museum


"I pray that Tom lives for a long, long time so that generations ahead can hear these stories."

"May your path be easy. Continue telling our stories. Keep our Spirit alive."

Agnes Baker-Pilgrim (Taowhywee), Takelma Elder, Spiritual Leader, International Indigenous Grandmother

"Thomas Doty delivers native stories in the style of the ancient ones; full of myth and magic, truth and humor. With his rich voicing of characters and hand gestures, you are taken along with him into every tale."

Tish McFadden, Musician, Composer, Founder and Director of Rum Tum Music, Author of Upriver to Morning.

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The storyteller's words sizzle with depth. Layers of truth emerge as the story swells beyond sound to include a visual canvas of gestures and movements. Not only is the storyteller transformed, so are the listeners.

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