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Lower Table Rock (1 of 23)


These photos were taken during visits that span many years. Lower Table Rock is located along the Rogue River in southern Oregon. I first visited the rock when I was five years old, and have been going back ever since.

In Takelma mythology, Lower Table Rock is the younger and more foolish of the two Dragonfly Brothers. After a long journey up the Rogue River from the coast, changing the world into more-or-less its present form, they turn into the two Table Rocks and become the center of the Takelma world.

I set several of my Doty & Coyote stories at Lower Table Rock, and this gallery includes images from those stories, including Beaver's Teeth Marks, Bear Rock, Owl Tree, a geoglyph, the Vision Pit, vernal pools, the Sacred Cedar Grove, The Family, a medicine cave, a petroglyph....