Thomas Doty – Storyteller

Flash Flood!


These symbols are located in the desert near the top of a dry wash. If one looks closely, the wash shows signs of several floods over the years.

The circles on the left are locaters pointing down the wash. These eyes are big indicating astonishment and include many dots ("small things"), in this case referring to drops of water. The "go down" spiral is combined with the rectangular "place" symbol (square corners) meaning going down through a place. Given the location of the rock at the top of the wash, it is clear that "place" means the wash. On a separate rock near the bottom of the wash is an upside-down figure meaning death, and ten lines.

Here's a translation: The people were astonished when it started to rain and water came down this wash. Ten people died.

This rock writing memorializes the event as well as gives fair warning to anyone who might think this is a good place to set up camp.