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Birds in Mid-June

I am grateful for birds.

As we approach the longest day, birdsongs at dawn are amazing. Melodies are joyful. They call the sun. They dance in the first light. Those songs stay with me for hours, reminding me to celebrate light, and the beauty it inspires.

Through morning and afternoon, Raven croaks as she soars over my mountain home. Blue Jay tells bad jokes and laughs at his own punch lines. Yesterday, Hummingbird hovered and stared at me through the window as if to ask, "What are you doing indoors?" She followed me from window to window until I heard the silent song of her message. It was time for a walk and I took one.

Long-shadowed evening brings birdsongs that are subtle and haunting, inspiring the deep-throated stories of owls. All night, hoot owls toss tales from tree to tree. I hear them in my dreams.

I am grateful for birds.