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A Tapestry of Native Stories

Doty Meets Coyote is a collection of 40 traditional and original native stories from master storyteller Thomas Doty. There is a paperback book and an eight-hour CD audiobook narrated by Doty. Also available is an audio download and eBook editions. Doty Meets Coyote is published by Blackstone Publishing, and is part of their series, "The Legacy of the First Nation, Voices of a Generation."


"A cultural treasure ... the best spinner of native myths I have ever heard." —Dr. John M.H. Kelly, Skidegate Haida Elder, Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa

"I pray that Tom lives for a long, long time so that generations ahead can hear these stories." —Agnes Baker-Pilgrim (Taowhyee), Takelma Elder, Spiritual Leader, International Indigenous Grandmother

"Wise. Humorous. Rich. Human. From a true Master Storyteller... This collection is a rare treasure that will delight, inspire and continue to inform while the echo of their truth resonates and stays with you for a long, long time." —Melani Marx, Energy Alignment Master, Certified Life Coach, Teacher, Mentor and Writer

"A fantastically entertaining audio experience told by a Master Storyteller whose passion and knowledge of the subject are obvious and overwhelming." —Larry Graves, on Goodreads

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Public Radio Interview


On 4/15/2016, Thomas Doty was interviewed by Geoffrey Riley on JPR's "The Jefferson Exchange." He talked about his new book and audiobook from Blackstone Publishing, Doty Meets Coyote, and his experiences as a native storyteller.

On 10/27/2016, Thomas Doty was interviewed by Eric Alan in the KLCC studios. They chatted about the native storytelling and mythology, and Doty's new book and audiobook.

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Newspaper Article


On 4/15/2016, Thomas Doty and his new book and audiobook was the cover story in the Ashland Daily Tidings.

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Doty Meets Coyote is also available as an eBook from iTunes and Amazon....

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Reading & Listening Levels: In the Old Time, everyone attended traditional storytellings, from the youngest to the elders of each village. Like good stories everywhere, native stories have layers of meaning which allow persons of different ages and experiences to be able to relate to each story. According to education standards in the United states, the paperback book has an overall reading level of fourth grade, with several stories easily read and comprehended by younger children, and all stories enjoyed by adults. The audiobook includes stories with a listening level for all ages. Teachers and parents, please read or listen first before sharing. You know your children best.

Audio Recordings: Two stories from Doty Meets Coyote can be streamed on this website: Listen to Stories.

Table of Contents: Page numbers refer to the paperback edition. There are two sets of track numbers: one for the CD audiobook (standard edition), and the other for the audio download. There is a description of each work, and its setting, as well as playing times for both audio versions.

Contents & Audio Playlist

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Ancestors and Elders
(Book: Page 9) (CD: Disc 1, Track 1) (Download: Track 2) (4:22)

Description: Doty thanks those who have kept the stories alive for centuries, and he talks about his approach to native storytelling.

Grandma Maude
(Book: Page 11) (CD: Disc 1, Track 3) (Download: Track 3) (1:14)

Description: Doty remembers listening to his grandmother, the family storyteller.

(Book: Page 12) (CD: Disc 1, Track 4) (Download: Track 4) (0:44)

Description: A poem for grandmothers everywhere.

Sun and Stories Come into the World Together
(Book: Page 13) (CD: Disc 1, Track 5) (Download: Track 5) (7:29)

Description: In this Old Time story about the power of dreaming, people experience the arrival of sunlight and stories.

Setting: In a village along a river in southern Oregon.

Doty Meets Coyote
(Book: Page 16) (CD: Disc 1, Track 7) (Download: Track 6) (27:06)

Description: In their first story together, Doty the storyteller and Coyote, his canine sidekick, become best friends and journey from their home into the mountains. Doty gives a dramatic campfire telling of a Crater Lake myth, and Doty and Coyote climb to the summit of a Cascade peak.

Setting: In the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon, including Lake of the Woods, Crater Lake, and Mount McLoughlin.

Crater Lake
(Book: Page 27) (CD: Disc 1, Track 15) (Download: Track 7) (3:53)

Description: A five-part poem about about a sacred lake that is powerful to native people.

Setting: At Crater Lake in southern Oregon.

The Woman Loved Trees
(Book: Page 32) (CD: Disc 1, Track 16) (Download: Track 8) (3:31)

Description: In this original native story, a woodcarver comes to terms with the loss of his wife.

Setting: In the woods of southern Oregon.

The Truths of Trees
(Book: Page 34) (CD: Disc 1, Track 17) (Download: Track 9) (32:45)

Description: Doty and Coyote travel into the redwoods in search of a tree in a photo from Doty's youth. Encouraged by masterful taunts from his trickster friend, Doty journeys deep into the relationship he and the Old Ones share with the ancient race of Tree People.

Setting: In the redwood forests along the northern California coast.

The Legend of Table Mountain
(Book: Page 44) (CD: Disc 2, Track 1) (Download: Track 10) (8:47)

Description: An aging anthropologist goes to live in an abandoned fire lookout and discovers the power of the stories he spent a lifetime collecting.

Setting: In and around Table Mountain, in the Greensprings region of the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon.

Jackrabbit Cuts Down Trees
(Book: Page 48) (CD: Disc 2, Track 4) (Download: Track 11) (10:33)

Description: In this traditional myth, the first war begins from an abuse of the environment and misinformation.

Setting: At Cottonwood Glades, in the Greensprings region of the Cascade Mountains in southern Oregon, and in a native village in the Rogue Valley.

Sixth Grade and Beyond
(Book: Page 53) (CD: Disc 2, Track 8) (Download: Track 12) (3:44)

Description: Doty becomes a writer, and a listener and watcher.

Setting: At an elementary school in southern Oregon.

The Wind
(Book: Page 55) (CD: Disc 2, Track 9) (Download: Track 13) (1:30)

Description: A short, original story. The wind is the breath of the earth.

Setting: In southern Oregon.

A Mythtime Walk Up Lower Table Rock
(Book: Page 56) (CD: Disc 2, Track 10) (Download: Track 14) (15:16)

Description: As Doty climbs a sacred rock, he journeys into the heart of Takelma mythology.

Setting: On Lower Table Rock along the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Panther and the Deer
(Book: Page 62) (CD: Disc 2, Track 15) (Download: Track 15) (8:40)

Description: After a lesson from the Deer People, Panther and his brother Wildcat learn to be good hunters.

Setting: Along the Rogue River in southern Oregon, and in the Cascade Mountains.

On Younger Daldal's Back
(Book: Page 66) (CD: Disc 2, Track 18) (Download: Track 16) (3:04)

Description: A short walk in the fog takes Doty and Coyote to the edge.

Setting: On Lower Table Rock along the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Ribs of the Animal
(Book: Page 68) (CD: Disc 2, Track 19) (Download: Track 17) (23:45)

Description: Doty borrows Coyote's buckskin bag of magical masks and makes seasonal treks to the center of the Takelma universe, where most anything is possible.

Setting: At the Table Rocks along the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Remembering Bear
(Book: Page 81) (CD: Disc 3, Track 5) (Download: Track 18) (3:58)

Description: A short piece about Great Bear in the Sky, and one of Doty's childhood memories.

Setting: At an elementary school in southern Oregon.

The Boy Who Lived with a Bear
(Book: Page 83) (CD: Disc 3, Track 6) (Download: Track 19) (4:47)

Description: An Old Time story about a man, his bear wife and their bear cubs.

Setting: In the mountains of southern Oregon.

Native Woman
(Book: Page 86) (CD: Disc 3, Track 8) (Download: Track 20) (5:01)

Description: Native Woman is on a journey to discover herself and explore her native culture.

Setting: Along the Rogue River in southern Oregon, and at nearby Diamond Lake.

All Night Salmon Leap the Falls
(Book: Page 89) (CD: Disc 3, Track 10) (Download: Track 21) (28:37)

Description: Doty and Coyote meet the spirit of the poet called Lampman in an old house in the woods. The three of them walk back through time to participate in the Sacred Salmon Ceremony at an ancient village.

Setting: At Ti'lomikh along the Rogue River, near the southern Oregon town of Gold Hill.

The Boy Walked into the Sun, His Father into the Moon
(Book: Page 100) (CD: Disc 3, Track 22) (Download: Track 24) (7:42)

Description: In this traditional story, a boy leaves his home and grows into a man.

Setting: Along the Klamath River in northern California.

Mother Landscape
(Book: Page 104) (CD: Disc 3, Track 22) (Download: Track 23) (2:21)

Description: A short piece about stories carved and painted on rocks.

Setting: In southern Oregon.

Waiting for Rock Old Woman
(Book: Page 106) (CD: Disc 4, Track 1) (Download: Track 24) (23:02)

Description: Doty and Coyote wait for the return of the spirit of an Old Time Takelma medicine woman. At an ancient creek crossing, they witness centuries of stories pass by, and then they walk the old Indian trail up the mountain to the traditional home of Rock Old Woman.

Setting: On and around Sexton Mountain in southern Oregon, including Grave Creek and Sunny Valley.

Journey to the Land of the Dead
(Book: Page 116) (CD: Disc 4, Track 8) (Download: Track 25) (7:04)

Description: In this traditional story, a husband travels to the Land of the Dead and tries to bring his dead wife home.

Setting: At the village of Coyote's Paw, along the Klamath River in northern California.

Where Koomookumpts Sleeps
(Book: Page 120) (CD: Disc 4, Track 10) (Download: Track 26) (6:25)

Description: Doty tells a childhood story of his first trek to Koomookumpts' Bed, the home of the Modoc creator.

Setting: Petroglyph Point near Tule Lake in northeast California, including Lava Beds National Monument and the native village of Gumbat.

Where the Sun and Moon Live
(Book: Page 125) (CD: Disc 4, Track 13) (Download: Track 27) (38:39)

Description: With a mysterious young man as a guide, Doty and Coyote travel underground through lava caves to the center of the Modoc universe. They experience Old Time myths of the sun, moon and stars, witness the supernova of 1054, and visit a sacred solstice site.

Setting: In and around Lava Beds National Monument in northeast California, including Lower Klamath Lake, Shapasheni, Symbol Bridge, The Solstice Pictograph, and Petroglyph Point.

At Their Best, Stories Heal
(Book: Page 136) (CD: Disc 4, Track 22) (Download: Track 28) (5:08)

Description: A fourth-grade girl tells a healing story to her classmates.

Setting: At an elementary school on the Oregon coast.

Panther and the White Duck Women
(Book: Page 139) (CD: Disc 5, Track 1) (Download: Track 29) (24:53)

Description: The White Duck Women travel from their home across the ocean in search of Panther. Coyote tries to mess things up.

Setting: Along the Rogue River in southern Oregon.

Long Walk Home
(Book: Page 150) (CD: Disc 5, Track 9) (Download: Track 30) (28:37)

Description: Doty and Coyote are joined by Coyote's grandmother in a walk from the reservation to their homeland. Following a Trail of Tears in reverse, this journey through landscape and time is edged with unsettling revelations.

Setting: Various locations in Oregon, including Ti'lomikh along the Rogue River near Gold Hill, the Oregon coast, the Siletz Indian Reservation, the Willamette Valley, Dayton, Coyote Creek, Grand Prairie, Grave Creek, and Sexton Mountain.

The Yellowjackets Steal Coyote's Salmon
(Book: Page 161) (CD: Disc 5, Track 18) (Download: Track 31) (12:53)

Description: The yellowjackets pull a trick on the trickster Coyote.

Setting: Along the Shasta River in northern California, and on Mount Shasta.

Night of Ghosts, Night of Stories
(Book: Page 167) (CD: Disc 6, Track 1) (Download: Track 32) (25:24)

Description: Doty, self-appointed old west wordsmith, and his legendary sidekick, Cowpoke Coyote, arrive by stagecoach at an old hotel. Among trees and tombstones, a green fog forms in the nearby cemetery. Doty and Coyote step through the door and into a spooky night of stories.

Setting: At Rock Point along the Rogue River in southern Oregon, including the old Rock Point Hotel and Stage station that is now Del Rio Vineyards and Winery.

Dog Brings Fire to the People
(Book: Page 177) (CD: Disc 6, Track 10) (Download: Track 33) (4:02)

Description: In the Old Time, the people get fire and become best friends with Dog.

Setting: On and around Mount Shasta in northern California.

Writing on the Rocks
(Book: Page 179) (CD: Disc 6, Track 12) (Download: Track 34) (4:36)

Description: A man teaches his son about ancient rock paintings.

Setting: In a cave in southern Oregon.

Five Nights at Medicine Rock
(Book: Page 182) (CD: Disc 6, Track 14) (Download: Track 35) (20:45)

Description: Guided by Mister Coyote, Doty journeys into the high country in search of an Old Time vision quest site. This story chronicles the native history of the rock through five nights of dreams, from the Rock People to a contemporary museum exhibit.

Setting: Along the Rogue River in southern Oregon, including Medicine Rock, Ti'lomikh, and a museum in nearby Talent.

The Snake
(Book: Page 191) (CD: Disc 6, Track 20) (Download: Track 36) (6:47)

Description: An ancient story about friendship.

Setting: At a native village on the southern Oregon coast.

Story Tree at Kilchis Point
(Book: Page 194) (CD: Disc 7, Track 1) (Download: Track 37) (30:38)

Description: Doty searches for a legendary tree where stories are stored. He meets a menagerie of characters ... South Wind, Wild Woman, Ice Man, Bashō and, of course, Coyote. During a Mythtime moment, the tree receives a native story.

Setting: At Kilchis Point near the town of Tillamook on the northern Oregon coast.

The Sun Rolls North and South
(Book: Page 206) (CD: Disc 7, Track 10) (Download: Track 38) (2:28)

Description: A traditional solstice story.

Setting: Along the southern Oregon coast.

My Circle
(Book: Page 208) (CD: Disc 7, Track 11) (Download: Track 39) (1:19)

Description: Doty's poem about being a native storyteller.

John Beeson's Ghost
(Book: Page 210) (CD: Disc 7, Track 12) (Download: Track 40) (25:10)

Description: During the Rogue Indian War of the 1850s, John Beeson stood up for the rights of Indians. He was driven from his home by death threats, eventually becoming a national voice for native rights. Doty and Coyote go on a quest to discover the peace-loving spirit of Beeson.

Setting: In Stearns Cemetery near the southern Oregon community of Talent.

Words at the End of a Storytelling
(Book: Page 220) (CD: Disc 7, Track 20) (Download: Track 41) (0:56)

Description: What the storyteller says when the stories are over.