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Finding Both Chairs

Trip to Tilomikh w/ Roy S [Scarbrough] last 21 Dec 1986 -- Tak [Takelma] storytelling chair. Following JPH's [John Peabody Harrington] notes, we waded barefoot thru 2 channels of cold, cold river. (R had to dive for his wallet from a mid-river rock in his boxer shorts). Yet we found both chairs -- the portable one & the permanent one.

3/14/2019: The portable stone chair on the riverbank has disappeared. I haven't seen it in years. And it's always been a mystery to me why it didn't wash away in the 1964 flood. Today I talked with Roy Scarbrough. He has a clear memory of finding the permanent chair carved into the rock by the falls, and he "sort of" remembers the portable chair on the shore. He also commented that what I wrote in my notebook at the time was most likely fully accurate, and more reliable than details we might try to remember all of these years later.