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Cove Creek Cave

There is a rock wr [writing] up Dead Indian Rd. Perhaps a map of the area, including Cove Cr Cave. Carving in basalt. Circle of the valleys nearby. Was at CC [Cove Creek] Cave w/ Teeters [Mark Teeters] sometime ago. Tak [Takelma] cave along creek. Abalone shells, firepit, black ceiling, wonderful feeling under ledge in the canyon, along the creek, clouds flying, buzzing wings of Daldals [dragonflies] down the hill & thru the canyon.

3/14/2019: The above note was scribbled in early January, 1987. The rock writing and the cave are two different sites. I remember visiting the rock writing late at night near a friend's home up Dead Indian Road. As far as I know, the rock writing is undocumented. Around that same time, I made the trek to Cove Creek Cave with Mark. We parked at the gravel pits on Dead Indian Road, walked to the bottom of the first canyon, then up the next ridge before dropping into the next canyon to Cove Creek Cave. Long, long walk, steep up and down, and rough going. At the time it was the only way in. Cove Creek Road was blocked.