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Learning to Tell Stories

Saturday, 31 October 1981, Lithia Park

My few days work with Michael Newell has been wonderful. The stories have progressed more in those days than in the whole 6 months I have been telling them, a progression not so much from repetition of lines and other technical rehearsals, but from attitude, an opening of myself which allows me greater forms of expression, and in a voice which is my own, not that artificial voice I have been using which gets me stuck in its own rut. Tomorrow's performance in Talent, perhaps my first un-contrived performance. ¶ The days have turned warm, a south wind blowing down the valley. Most of the leaves are down now, sunk to the bottom of lakes and pools, or cast in the drying mud of footpaths. ¶ Spent 50¢ for tea, $1.75 for embroidery ring, 50¢ for beer.

3/16/2019: I carved a walking stick out of madrone for Michael in exchange for some storytelling sessions, and he carried that stick all over the world, using it in classes and workshops as a theatre teacher and director. Money was tight in those days, and I kept track of my pennies in my journal. I suspect the embroidery ring was for my wife Michele. The next day I earned $30 telling stories at the Unitarian Fellowship in Talent.