Thomas Doty – Storyteller


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No Orphans Among Us – A Story in Progress

Synopsis: Doty and Coyote join Gwisgwashan and a group of Grandmothers as they walk the Indian trail that heads down the creek from Buckhorn Springs. They visit Crazy Bear, Lithia Springs, Helman Mud Baths, Poison Lake ... all sacred springs of healing. Along the way, the Grandmothers gather those orphaned during the Rogue River War. They arrive at a secret village where families once fractured are made whole again, guided by knowledge the Grandmothers carry within them. Though native people elsewhere are struggling with loss and sadness, in this one place, in this moment, this gesture by the Grandmothers matters and changes lives. Like their relations, the Wolf People, there are no orphans among these Grandmothers.