Thomas Doty – Storyteller


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Questions and Answers

(At the end of a storytelling for school children, a girl raises her hand.)

Girl: Mr. Doty, how old were you when you started telling stories?

Me: Twenty-eight.

Girl: Mr. Doty, how long have you been telling stories?

Me: Thirty-seven years.

(There is silence while she works through the math problem.)

Girl: That means you're sixty-five?

Me: That's right.

Girl: Wow! You're old enough to date my grandmother!

(As everyone is leaving, a boy stops me at the door.)

Boy: Did you get her phone number?

Me: Whose phone number?

Boy: The grandmother's.

Me: Of course not.

Boy: You idiot!

Me: What?

Boy: She's really pretty.

Me: Really?

Boy: Yeah, really.