Thomas Doty – Storyteller


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Two Elders Document a Source, or The Continuing Importance of Oral Tradition

Historian: I am getting to the age that I sometimes have trouble remembering things.

Storyteller: Me, too.

Historian: I'm writing an article, and I seem to remember that Dakubetede means "pretty place."

Storyteller: Yes, that's right. Dakube is the name of the Applegate River and means "pretty place" and Dakubetede means "People of the Pretty Place."

Historian: Is that documented in Harrington's field notes?

Storyteller: I don't think so. I saw it somewhere else, some obscure source. Years ago.

Historian: Where was that?

Storyteller: I don't remember.

(An hour goes by as Storyteller searches through likely sources without result.)

Historian: Well, since we both remember "pretty place" that's good enough for me.

Storyteller: Me, too.