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Timeless, Right Now

A moment in yesterday's storytelling....

When horndog Coyote is lusting after flashy Star Woman, whining and squealing and wagging his tongue, bugging his eyes, commenting on her curves and her sexy walk, and promising to scamper up the mountain and grab her for himself, I pause, briefly break character, and offer an insight, "Well, we've heard plenty about this kind of guy lately, haven't we?"

Some things, unfortunately, seem timeless. However, the antics of Coyote in the Old Time stories -- particularly his amorous adventures -- exist to teach us how not to live our lives. It's healthy to laugh at him, and then seriously contemplate the story's message. "I'd better not go around doing that kind of stuff!" Some folks have clearly missed the message about respecting and honoring everyone in the universe!

In the spirit of cosmic justice, Coyote gets his comeuppance. Always painful, this usually involves gathering up his various appendages, including his favorite one, and putting himself back together before he wanders into the next story to teach us -- however unintentional -- another valuable life lesson. Coyote gets killed a lot but he never really dies.

It looks like at least some of these self-serving, womanizing, disrespectful guys in the news are feeling the pain. Good! And I pray that at least a few of them are seriously getting the message. For those who don't, I sincerely hope that they lack Coyote's ability to put themselves back together in the same way. It's time for these guys to grow up, change character, and saunter into a different story that's better for themselves, and especially, for everyone around them.

Right now!

– November 4, 2017