Thomas Doty – Storyteller

Arrival in Oregon


Family Footprints

  • Old Time: Generations of Native Americans make their home in southern Oregon. Growing up, I visit native sites throughout the region, and I listen to traditional stories from both sides of my family, particularly from Grandma Maude. [ More ]
  • 1579: After the execution of Sir Thomas Doughty the year before, his brother John continues sailing with Drake on the Golden Hind. In June of 1579, the ship anchors in a bay either in Oregon or California -- there's evidence for both. John becomes the first of my European ancestors to step ashore on the Pacific coast. [ More ]
  • 1841: William Doughty and his Shoshone wife Mary arrive in Gaston, in northern Oregon's Yamhill Valley. Two years later at nearby Champoeg, William becomes a founder of the Oregon Provisional Government. [ More ]
  • 1850s: Thomas Doty, son of Captain Edward Doty, marries a Shasta-Takelma woman and they live at the native village of Coyote's Paw along the Klamath River. Following the Rogue Indian Wars of the 1850s and the abandonment of Coyote's Paw in the 1870s, their children settle in the Rogue Valley. [ More ]
  • 1850s: After traveling the Oregon Trail, and a brief stay in the Willamette Valley, my great great grandparents James and Martha Rodgers arrive in the Rogue Valley. Their homestead is near Beagle. [ More ]
  • 1910: After spending months touring numerous states on his Indian motorcycle, my grandfather Roscoe Doty arrives in the Rogue Valley. He moves into a white cottage at Modoc Orchard near Upper Table Rock, and decides to put down roots. [ More ]
  • 1913: My grandfather Fred Daugherty arrives from Missouri and settles in the Rogue Valley near Talent. The following year he sends for his future bride, Grandma Maude. [ More ]
  • 1914: My grandmother Maude Arnold comes to Oregon from the family home in Missouri. [ More ]